In Prayer

Updated: Jan 6

Repent, A Prayer and A Offer of Thanksgiving to God Almighty and Jesus Chris the Son of God May the Land be Healed May everything become Better in 2022 Again in Worship & Praise May there be NO more trajectory as to damage and bestow blame unjustly May the world and nations HEAL & Come Together in Agreement May Vital Information be Provided for the Good News May COVID struggles Decrease May Agreements be Made for the Benefit May People safely come together May Educational Gaps Decrease May The Workforce Recover, Heal and Overcome Issues May God show up and Make a Way May Industries Heal May Creatively Work for Good May Mental Health Challenges Decrease May Abuse Decrease May Thanks be Given May Relief increase and Trouble Decrease May Forgiveness Continue May we Stretch in Faith May this find someone well May someone be Encouraged May Progress be Safe, Beneficial and helpful May we act Compassionately In Prayer thanksgiving to Together To Jesus Christ Our Lord &Savior Amen

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