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Boundaries, Believers & Healing

You may be in the fight of your life, whether it be a legal trial or overcoming anxiety, depression, mental illness, suicide, career challenges, transition from the armed services, debt, imprisonment addiction, separation, divorce or the loss of a loved one.

May the Lord Jesus Christ Strengthen & Keep You

When the components of togetherness, preservation, and faith are present, battles with believers will be challenging. The outcome of the withdraw from wars (personal , national or Spiritual) or occupancy where the residential occupants readily reclaim rights, and resources are the outcome of those concepts.

To exemplify, take a soda can for instance, when it is repeatedly aggravated (shaken, disturbed or dropped) it produces an outburst when the cap is released or when the bond that holds it together is broken. The shaken soda contents remain together, and preserved if not expired. When preserved contents will expel out everywhere.

In countries, spiritual battles have been attempted to be fought with material items. Invaders come in to “shake” populations whose faith, traditions, and customs have not expired. The resulting antagonization causes outbursts of violence, and tensions to explode. Releasing the result of the disturbance emerges fast and furious in a foam that raises to cover an area. Further, the remnants leave a lasting residue of its presence.

For far to long have we witnessed the devastation of of the breaking of humanity, severing of systems and the separation of the stabilization of societies.. We have executed irresponsible power that has not been consolidated to discoveries, advances or achievements. This power has altered the trajectory of lives and environment in which we navigate.

Over the years, we have lived to witness the insult of this devotion through the loss of lives, principles and purpose. We have an altering appreciation of minorities and groups of influence.

Moving forward, may we achieve a balance of economic, political and encouraging modalities that are constructed based on the existential moral, ethical along with the profound fundamental values to preserve to endure.

Let us acknowledge to under the power structure, opposition, along with the relative significance of hidden conflicts, limitations weighing pertinent evidence and acknowledge influence of opinion. Let us be open to appreciate the naked reality of processes, ideology, innovation, and Preciousness of Life. In these perilous times, let us not be succumbed to a mirage or instruments of pseudo-realities which can be manipulated. Instead, may we spread life, love and increase the longevity of GOOD.

Together, let us uphold Dignity, Respect and Restore demands on Justice. Further, may there be a development to appreciate the spiritual, political, moral and ethical traditions to produce human freedoms along with Human Rights. Let Us appreciate the gifts of life and the beauty of our God given environments. May we seek our identity and surrender to the principles that prosper humanity collectively extending from this nation onward. Further, in time, may the development of moral maturity manifest to encompass the integrity of personal and public influence . Through embracing the idea of reformation versus radical transformation in the spirit and actions may we continue to bridge towards one unified nation diligently seeking God and operating collectively as One.

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