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Appreciating your " AND"

Updated: Jul 21, 2022

How often do we overlook the little things recognizing the positive possibilities forward? Many of us respectively go about our day AND to an extent, our lives with (in many cases) little recognition of our conjunctions. Each of us has an opportunity to Appreciate the "AND" in our lives. In Good Times AND Difficult times... I'm (Let Us Be) thankful for the positive additions in our life.

Further, ...many can Appreciate AND Testify:

That there has been Criticisms AND Analysis

Having to withstand the Tests AND the Trails

Being Broken AND pressing Forward

Stopping what we are doing AND praying for one Another

Falling down AND got back up to try Again

Having a Door Closed AND another Opened

Holding On to the Promises of God AND Trusting Him

Being Blessed AND Highly Favored

Recognizing that God came that we have life.......

AND have it more abundantly

Receiving Goodness AND Mercy

So may this day be a reminder to Appreciate your AND :)

Be thankful for where you were AND where you're going. Additionally, may we have Exceedingly Abundantly AND More

** Creators Heart Designs (CHD) looks to acknowledge the traditional milestones through events, while seeking to uplift positive efforts to ministries AND opportunities that will benefit the kingdom of the Lord Jesus Christ

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