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Manifestations of May & Motherhood

Updated: Jun 13, 2022

Mother’s in May There is a sayting that The "April Showers assist in the Blossom of May Flowers". It is these buds that decorate our mother figures during MOTHERS DAY. Donning the florals provides a visual symbol that incites an indication of personality, heritage, legacy and more. Its placement upon the breastplate allows the wearers environment to readily appreciate. In many cases, it is wonderful to interpret the intentionality of expression between mother-nature and mothers. In my childhood, my grandmothers community church would give flowers; each would distinguish whether the wearers mother themselves were alive or if they were a legacy. Additionally, It can be rationalized that situations or relationships can heavily influence ones representation on whom constitutes a mother. Further, ambiguity due to our individual parental experiences and role conflict based on our responsibilities may come to shift the narrative of the representation to appreciation of motherhood and legacy. For instance, many have appreciated the presence of a grandmother, aunt, foster-mother, step-mother, mentor, or sister to occupy the traditional role of a mother or nurturer. Further, many women have birthed life, tribes, cooked or created, cultivated careers, innovations, assembled collections of recipes, selections of literature, songs. These contribuions help to nuture and care for those they love.

The scriptures highlight instances surrounding mothers. What are the Biblical Representations of Motherhood ? How are You Celebrating the Mothers in May?

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