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Dear Reader,

At times, people and experiences come within our lives to support and encourage as we fulfill the goals that were are set to accomplish. Over the years, topics such as Autism have been influenced through recognition, the acknowledgement of positive advancements along with the appreciation of others who support. Our family supports the Spectrum through our personal interactions along with the extensions of the experiences of others in our community. In recognition of these experiences Super Special Brother was created. 

My Super Special Brother-is a story that acknowledges to appreciate Love, Kindness, Faith, Uniqueness, Esteem, Appreciate Differences, Highlight Family and Friendship.

The narrative demonstrates how Super Hero’s Come in All Shapes & Sizes. Further, through the support of family, a Special and Wonderful Autistic boy’s impact and qualities are appreciated by friendships to community. I have grown to understand that God Gives Us All Different Abilities & Creativity to Help or Celebrate the Achievements of One Another. For this, we can Grow Greater & Build Better Together. 

Warm Regards,


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